General Travel information

When travelling around Sydney it is best to use public transport or taxis. Obviously a taxi trip will cost more than public transport but it may be easier depending on your location and destination.

The N.S.W. Government have several web sites to help you use public transport – when planning a trip you can use You can also get maps of different routes using

To use public transport in Sydney you need an Opal card.  Details of Opal cards and how to get a tourist Opal card can be found at  Opal cards can be purchased from Newsagents and most Supermarkets and have a cost cap of $15 per day – this means the maximum you will pay in a day is $15 no matter how far you travel.

There are taxi ranks near every major train station and large hotels in addition you can hail a taxi on the street.  Every cab has a Taxi sign on the roof and a light – if the light is on then it’s available for hire.  Note: Catching a taxi around 3:00pm is harder than other times because most drivers change shift at that time.

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