Go Congress Rules

Tournament Director

David Mitchell is the Tournament Director – his decisions on all aspects of all tournament events is final.
The Tournament Director will consult with all parties and the Tournament Referee before making a decision.

Tournament Referee

Younggil An 8P is the Tournament Referee – his decision on all tournament games matters is final, there is no appeal from his decisions.
The Tournament Referee is the final arbiter for any dispute between players in the tournament. Any attempt to dispute the Tournament Referee’s decision will result in the player being disqualified from the tournament.

The Tournament Referee will collect information from all parties in the dispute before making a decision.
Consistent breaking of tournament rules may result in a warning from the Tournament Referee. A player is automatically disqualified on a second warning.

Note: The decisions of the Tournament Director and Tournament referee are made in accordance with the IGF Code of Ethics

People under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or adult at the Congress.  The Congress organizers do not take responsibility for your child.

Time limits

Clocks are started at the direction of the Tournament Director.
If a player fails to start the game within 30 minutes of the start of the round that player loses the game by default.

Moves and counting

The Japanese counting method applies to all games.
A move consists of passing, resigning or placing a stone on the board and removing any prisoners.
Once played a move may not be taken back – if a player attempts to take a move back they automatically lose.
A player must press the clock with the same hand as the one placing the stone on the board.
Where a player is in byo yomi and a move captures a large group (more than 5 stones) the clock will be stopped when the stone is placed.