The Lightning Tournament at the 2017 Go Congress was a lot of fun – a time to relax and play some fun games.  There was a lot of positive feedback from all concerned so we are doing another one this year.

The 2nd Australian Lightning Tournament (ATL) will be held on Friday 28th Sept in room 2290 starting at 5:00pm.  The ATL will be a handicap tournament with all players in a single division with at least four rounds in a progressive Swiss draw.   Players will have 6 minutes main time plus a single 10 second byo-yomi period.

Registration is free for anybody playing at the Congress and closes at 5:00pm – the first round starting at 5:10pm; subsequent rounds will start as soon as drawn.

To guarantee your place please email the Lightning Tournament Director, Horatio Davis, with your name and rank – remember, it’s the quick and the dead!

All decisions and judgements for the lightning tournament are made by the Lightning Tournament Director, those decisions are final.